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I've been studying with Jocelyn since 2018 and love her energy, skill, patience and compassion as a teacher. She makes learning fun and interesting!

Connie Lanphear

I had the opportunity to participate in Jocelyn's beginner, intermediate, and advanced Spanish classes, in which each one is genuinely tailored to its particular skill level. Making mistakes was the best way to learn through conversations, assignments, reading material, and hands-on learning. The open, non-judgmental, and encouraging atmosphere provided the necessary space to step out of my comfort zone. With some background knowledge of Spanish, exercising that muscle again helped me polish my language ability and gain more confidence. Get ready to learn, make friends, and be supported by a fantastic teacher!

Laura Hughitt

Jocelyn Lovick is an amazing Spanish teacher.  She finds a way to make Spanish less overwhelming by creating an encouraging and safe learning environment.  She corrects students in a calm and non-judgmental way, allowing us to make mistakes without feeling chastised.  Each class has a unique focus that helps to make complex concepts more palatable.  My Spanish continues to improve because of Jocelyn.  I am grateful to have found her class! you!

Jessica Fisher

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